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have been supplying waste management solutions to a wide range of customers for over a quarter of a century.

NEC are suppliers of the Big Hanna food composter for Ireland, providing a solution for food waste for the hospitality industry.
NEC Distributors  have been awarded the BS8555 environmental management system award.




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The Green Cone ensures the almost total breakdown of all food waste into it’s natural components of water and carbon dioxide, thus producing minimal residue. The double walled solar cone creates a heat trap of circulating air to encourage the growth of harmless bacteria and also insulates the waste during the winter. With the digestion basket below ground level there are no smells and the worms and natural soil organisms can migrate in and out of the basket.










Sliding Door

Four Rings

Winter Jacket

Stirring Stick

The Green Johanna is more than a traditional composter. Through innovative design it can handle both garden and food waste, producing an excellent quality compost.

The unit is completely rodent proof and the compost can be easily accessed through the two sliding doors.



Green Johanna was developed in Sweden to provide a simple, easy to use compost system to safely compost all degradable kitchen waste all year round!

The well thought out, patented design of Green Johanna means you do not have to know much about composting - with Green Johanna everyone can compost now!

Green Johanna can compost two parts food waste to one part garden waste. All food waste including meat, fish and bones can be put in green Johanna.


Food waste composting

To fully appreciate Green Johanna´s design it helps to consider what is necessary to recycle waste the way nature does. Every year the same natural cycle occurs; leaves, twigs and trees fall to earth, decompose and become food for new plants. Naturally

occurring micro-organisms, bugs and worms, together with oxygen and moisture do all the work. In the process heat is produced. Some very valuable micro-organisms work at temperatures as high as 65°C (150°F)! This is ”hot” composting, oxygen in the air is critical to the process


The Design

The lid twist locks on the container over small rodent proof vents that can be adjusted to control the flow of air through the container. The winter jacket is an accessory that will improve the performance during very cold weather.

The base-plate has rodent proof holes that let both worms and air enter the container.

Sliding doors make it easy to rake out the finished compost when it is ready. The stirring stick makes this a simple task.

The round shape ensures that there will be no ”cold corners”. The cone shape

ensures the compost does not stick to the sides and instead sinks down towards the


• takes care of all food waste including meat, fish, bones and

dairy, etc.

• 100% rodent proof thanks to the intricately designed base plate.

• has a yearly capacity to compost all year round thanks to the unique design.

• has a unique adjustable ventilation system

• easy to operate and if you follow the handbook it always works.




Base Plate

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